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Best Books 2016 Recommendations
A new year is a time for a new resolve, and why not spend more time reading books in 2017? For those who love reading books it’s a great passtime that you can do just about everywhere. At home, in bed, while waiting on a bus, during a long flight, etc., there’s always an opportunity to read. Some prefer phyisical books for their tactile appeal, while others prefer ebooks that give you easy access to thousands of books in the palm of your hand. Our preference goes to the Kobo Aura but also the Kindle Paperwhite is a very capable ereader. What matters most of all are, of course, the books. We’ve read some great works this year, and we struggled our way through others. What follows is the list of books we have read in 2016 and which we believe are worthy of your time. The …

Why I Am Leaving (Research-Based) Academia
I love to teach. For me, it is research at its best. Research is not about sitting in our ivory tower and rejoicing over our achievements. No, it’s about studying, it’s about pushing boundaries, and ultimately it’s about coming up with new ideas to share with others. One of the more powerful ways of dissemination – of both our knowledge and our research – is through teaching the next generation. While I do appreciate that there is a lot of work involved (setting tests/exams, replying to all requests for feedback etc.), it can also be hugely rewarding. A compliment on a well-taught lecture, or a “thank you” after clarifying a concept the student didn’t previously grasp, is all the motivation I will ever need. I also like my colleagues, many of whom are lighthearted and easily approachable. The relationships we have are purely work-based, but that suits …