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What Is the Optimal Change to Keep in Your Pocket?
I like to live fairly minimalistic. This ideology extends to my wallet, which I prefer to keep as slim as possible. For my cards I use a simplified version of the Crabby Wallet, and for my coins I have a simple coin pouch purse. Of course, the coin purse swells up rather quickly with the number of coins that are placed inside. So is there an optimal number and type of coins, that allows you to pay any reasonable amount with exact change? This is an extended version of the change-making problem. Determining the optimal change (i.e. using as few coins as possible) can become a very complicated problem. Things get a lot easier for so-called canonical coin systems where a greedy algorithm always gives the best solution. This algorithm works very easily, and quickly: always pick the largest denomination of coin that is not greater than the remaining …

The Eco(Logical/Nomical) Impact of Food in the UK
People say that procrastination is a counter-productive thing. Who knows, maybe it is. To find out, I endeavoured to look up research on procrastination. Not exactly the most fascinating read, so I wandered off and ended up reading some of the blogs on thesimpledollar.com. One of the articles that peeked my interest was titled buying foods based on cost per calorie. A great idea, since we all have to eat and consume a certain number of calories each day, so why not do so as economically as possible? However, as is often the case, this was entirely based on US prices. And it completely overlooked the ecological cost of food. The ecological cost takes into account how much stress we put on our one and only planet to produce any given type of food. If you don’t believe in global warming and the incredibly destructive impact humanity has …

Financial Independence -- The Freedom to Not Give a F*%!
How do you come up with an enticing first post for the finances topic of eiet.uk? I know I want to talk about financial independence, but where to start? Do I talk about savings strategies? Investment options? Exponential return? Cutting expenditures? All of these options sound dull on their own, and definitely lack a personal touch. I spent a couple of days thinking it over, trying different approaches, and ultimately failing. The Sunday of that same week, one of our dogs made a sudden turn for the worse and had to be rushed off for emergency surgery. “All you have to do is sign here.” I was looking at a consent form with a quote of £2,500. I signed it without hesitation. Every dog person would have done the same. This was an essential time-sensitive intervention, and our dog would very likely be back to her normal self …