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Even websites about finances need to make money. Banners are so 1960s, so you won’t find any of those around here. What we do rely on are referral links. If we love a product, we will always try to provide you with a link so you can purchase it yourself. Whenever possible, we try to obtain the referral link, which allows us to earn a small percentage of the sale. Referral links are always clearly marked, like this. It's a win-win as you can buy the product for its normal price, and we end up with some revenue. Simples! Luckily, our running costs are very low and we mainly have this website because we love to talk about stuff. This means we only ever use referral links for items we truly like and use ourselves, and we will never – ever! – use referral links to anything we wouldn't buy ourselves. Pinky swear.

All views expressed on this website are our own. Copyright holds throughout the website with all rights reserved. This means nothing can be reproduced, copied, alterated, evaporated, brainwashed, or teleported without our express permission. Bad things happen to people who don't adhere to these copyright guidelines.