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Kim Bauters

Kim has an affinity for computer science, and holds a joint PhD in computer science from UGent/VUB. With over 7 years of experience in AI research, he knows not to confuse possibility and probability, has a fondness for logic programming and intelligent agents, and can often be found taking a stroll through the complexity zoo. His interests extend well-beyond computer science, and include topics such as photography, teaching, stoicism, politics, and cooking with seasonal ingredients. Having lived abroad for the last 4 years, in countries including Canada, Ireland, Northern-Ireland, and Scotland, he knows first-hand how immigrants benefit local economies.

Line Caes

Line has always been intrigued with anything to do with children. She obtained a PhD in Psychology focussing on how children, and their parents, respond to painful experiences. These research contributions are being applied now, and help in making life less painful for children and their families. Line is also often found in the company of animals. Be it dogs, rats, ferrets, rabbits, snakes, … she loves them all. Except for cats -- partially fuelled by severe cat allergies. She also enjoys travelling and immersing herself in new cultures. Growing up in Belgium, but living in Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland in the past five years has only made her more interested and open to other cultures.